Campus Stories

15 Students Share the Gospel at Weekend Retreat

By Will Chu, Associate Area Director, Missouri

At our staff conference for the Central Region, our team started to think about how we could give invitations to faith at every level, particularly during Ohana, our student retreat. As we wrestled with what we felt like God wanted us to do, a crazy idea was spawned: Let's have students share the gospel instead of our main speaker!

Our first response: YES! Our second response: Wait...what?

We took to heart the idea of making invitations at every level, and we felt Ohana was a perfect place to start.

Over the weekend, it was our small-group leaders who were challenged to share the gospel and ask their peers where they saw themselves in the Big Story gospel outline. The family group leaders—at least some of them—were terrified!

As Saturday night rolled around, a lot of the staff had no idea what to expect from these student leaders. When it came time for family groups to meet, a bunch of us (staff) sat in the middle of the room praying while 15 different leaders shared the gospel on the outskirts of the room!

It was awesome to hear the different sound bytes as our students explained the Big Story by pulling out their phones and using the app, or drawing the outline on napkins

At the debrief time, our family group leaders were sharing that, although most of their family groups were made up of Christians, they got to share and challenge students toward being change agents in their world today.

We asked students to pray for another opportunity in the next month to share the good news, so would you keep us (the staff) and these family group leaders in prayer for another opportunity?