Campus Stories

"I Would Have Said Yes Sooner!"

By Kristal Hang, campus staff member at Rutgers

After Jonathan Walton, director of the New York City Urban Project, gave his talk at Rutgers, Betty (pictured right) liked the idea of following Jesus, but didn't think she was following Jesus.

I started meeting with Betty and explained to her what it meant for Jesus to be our Savior (we fall short of God's standards and we inevitably hurt others as a result of our selfishness) and our Lord (giving God control over all parts of our lives).

She got the Savior part, but was having some trouble with the lordship of Jesus.

We continued to meet to discuss faith questions and do a Bible study. At our last Bible study, we talked about the various stages in our relationships with God (knowing about him versus growing deeper in knowing him). I asked her where she thought she was.

Betty said she was at the beginning "dating phase" where it's still awkward. She wanted to check God out and see if she liked him enough to stay in the relationship. 

I invited Betty to put her trust in Jesus NOW, even though she didn't know him well. I told her there would be times when she would doubt or not feel sure, but by saying yes now, she was saying that even when those times of doubt come she will trust in Jesus. She would hold on and work through it with him, instead of walking away from him. I told her that she doesn't need to have it all together or trust him in absolutely everything before becoming a follower of Jesus. I explained we don't need to know it all and be perfect before we start following Jesus.

"Kristal," she said, "if someone had said it like that to me sooner, I would have said yes sooner!"