Campus Stories

Pagan Club Leader Meets Jesus

“Zack just gave his life to Jesus! This is why we do what we do!” said the text I received from from Christine Twedt, a Divisional Director in Indiana, on May 2.

Zack is one of the student leaders of the Pagan Club at IPFW (Indiana Purdue University at Fort Wayne). He had hung around the InterVarsity chapter for two years. Last semester, he and several of his friends from the Pagan Club participated in a six-week evangelistic Bible discussion called a Group Investigating God (GIG).

Jackie (the GIG leader who is part of the Missional GIG Movement) and Karyn (a student fresh off our spring-break evangelism trip, Soul Surf) had been talking to Zack for the past two to three weeks. They talked about God’s love, Jesus’ death and resurrection, and what it means to follow Jesus.

Then, on the evening of May 1, Zack went to the weekly Pagan Club meeting. As he walked in and sat down he thought,

“I do not experience joy here or see it in others. I do not experience loving or being loved. This is not how I want to live my life. Christianity is true after all.”

Shortly after, Zack met with Karyn and InterVarsity Staff Greg Carlyle and gave his life to Jesus. He wants to follow the Lord wherever he leads, do whatever God wants, and become who Jesus wants him to be.