Campus Stories

Palms Up If You Want Jesus

By Ruth Tsai, sophomore at University of California - San Diego

What I still remember so vividly from my experience leading a GIG is a particular girl named Sarah.

There were five of us women in that week's session, as opposed to 16 the week before. Before we started studying the passage, we introduced ourselves around the group, Sarah said she did not have a spiritual background, though her mom is Catholic, and that this was her first Christian event, let alone her first InterVarsity event.

In the back of my mind, I was already sure that Sarah would be freaked out by the call to faith, but I knew I still wanted to do one.

During the discussion about the passage from Luke 5:1-11, Sarah was so engaged in discussion and eager to learn more about who Jesus is and why the disciples responded to him the way they did.

As the time came for me to make a call to faith, I told them all to close their eyes. I asked them to turn their palms up if they wanted to step into a relationship with Jesus for the first time in their lives.

Immediately, all four women turned their palms up, including Sarah!

I was filled with so much joy that I had to contain myself before praying for them.

I knew that God had something so powerful in store for each person who stepped into that room, but I had not expected this! God blew me away with how he can really change people's lives in an instant.