Campus Stories

Romanian Students Try Proxe Station

By: Mike and Kris York, InterVarsity Link staff in Romania

As Christmas approaches, many people in Romania are more open to talking about spiritual issues, especially as they relate to Christmas. So to work with this openness, the students in Bucharest wanted to try something we have heard that InterVarsity uses in the United States: Proxe Stations.

We gathered with our three Proxe panels at a corner near the main university in the center of the city and began to engage students in conversation.

We had students vote by placing a sticker on one of the panels for which Christmas figure they related most to: the Grinch, Santa, Rudolf the Reindeer, or the Magi. Then, we engaged them in a conversation about the significance of Jesus coming into this world and the true meaning of Christmas.

It was exciting to speak with so many students today—around 30—and we will continue on Friday, Saturday, and Monday.

On Monday night, we will have our outreach meeting with a Christmas-carol concert! And we plan to take the Christmas Proxe to some of the local dorms to do it again there.

Please pray for these Romanian students during these next days, and that the Lord would lead students to the Proxe Station and concert who are open to hear about God's gift of love.