Campus Stories

Many people think slavery ended long ago, but one of the largest injustices still taking place is human trafficking. Watch how InterVarsity students in NYC combined their faith and action to do something about modern-day slavery, starting with Price of Life Invitational.
College students fight slavery with Price of Life New York City
Too many volunteers at an evangelistic outreach on campus is rarely the problem. So what was a visiting staff member to do with all the students who showed up to help with Proxe Stations at unstaffed Baruch College? Be amazed, that's what.
Baruch College students at Price of Life NYC
In late August, the New York/New Jersey Region started praying for 40 conversions to occur in 40 days among the campuses in their region. Find out how they got their staff, students, and ministry partners on board, and how our faithful God showed up.
Cornell University Asian American InterVarsity Bubble Tea
After Urbana 12, Andrea, a brand-new Christian from Northern Michigan University, stepped out in faith and went on the Kenya Global Project in the summer of 2013. She soon found out that evangelism in Kenya is quite different from any evangelism she had experienced on her American campus.
 Northern Michigan University student on Global Project mission trip to Kenya
Over the summer, Erin Corry, campus staff at Bridgewater State University, felt God call her to go to campus to pray after her meeting ended nearby. Little did she know what God was about to do within her first few steps on campus, though he had been preparing for that moment all semester.
InterVarsity campus staff, Erin Corry, leads to student to faith.
What can God do in just one academic year? Check out this video and see how God blessed campuses and transformed students' lives in South San Diego.
Every summer, InterVarsity's new staff converge in Madison for intensive training, one day of which is focused on evangelism. It's a beautiful thing when they take what they've learned back to students, and all the more when they share their faith with family too. Pat Barbour shares a story about his eagerness to use his evangelism training in the summer of 2012.
Over the course of this year, seven women on two Lindenwood University dance teams decided to follow Jesus! Watch a testimony from Lindsey, an InterVarsity student leader, and a dance choreographed by Maggie Heinemann, InterVarsity staff, that tell the story of God's work and Maggie and Lindsey's investment in the team.
Lindenwood University dance team
The Drake Relays at Drake University in Iowa have consistently been less about track and field, and more about partying to excess. Amy Becker, campus staff at Drake, shares how her chapter reached out to its fellow students by providing a free taxi service to approximately 400-500 drunk students in one weekend.
Not everyone spring-breaking at Panama City Beach was a college student, but that didn't mean they were excluded from the evangelism going on at Soul Surf 2013. Here's a quick story of the encounter between Phyllis LePeau, Evangelism Coordinator for Great Lakes West, and a "foolish" man.