Campus Stories

Jamie Veeder, InterVarsity campus staff in Kansas City, shares the miraculous story of a student who believed in the power of prayer to heal.
After a period of fruitlessness in her chapter, Rachel Gregg, a junior at Grand Valley State University in Michigan, talks about how her chapter's commitment to prayer and fasting appears to be changing that for the better.
Rachel Gregg and 3 other women from Grand Valley State
The Election 2012 Proxe Station at the University of Louisville generated a lot of discussion. Campus Staff Nate Merritt shares his experience and some prayer requests for following up with the students he met.
Rachel Kuhn, InterVarsity staff at Shasta College in California, shares how God showed up to a captivated women's volleyball team on the way to their out-of-town game.
Team bus on the way to a college volleyball game
Eric and Stacy Rafferty were driving to campus one morning. The events on slate for the day weren't those that would typically result in students making decisions for Christ...but an unexpected prayer changed that.
Eric and Stacy Rafferty
The question “Who Will You Be?” is being asked at campuses across the country this month through a Proxe Station by that very name. Read how students have been responding to this question that hits at the core of their identity.
Ohio State Students at the Who Will You Be? Proxe Station
Nick Kwok, campus staff member in Greater Los Angeles, shares how (in an interesting turn of events while studying Mark 1) he lead a UCLA fraternity student to Christ on the first day of school.
InterVarsity Staff Nick Kwok teaching about starting spiritual conversations
College students’ spring breaks typically include road trips, sunburns, and partying on the beach - a scene typically missed by Christian students. So what happens when InterVarsity organizes a trip focused on equipping students in evangelism and sending them out to practice on the white sands of Panama City Beach, Florida? Read on.
Spring Break college students interact with Red Cup Proxe Station
Something amazing is happening in InterVarsity chapters across the country. In just seven years, the number of students and faculty who come to faith each year has doubled. Yes doubled. InterVarsity President Alec Hill shares congratulations and comments on the momentum building in evangelism and what that means for our ministry's future.
InterVarsity President Alec Hill