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Ideas for framing each of your chapter's events around appealing to and serving people at one of the five thresholds: trusting a Christian, becoming curious, opening to change, seeking after God, and entering the Kingdom.
Engage your campus with conversations about what makes life "awesome" and how a life centered on Jesus is a life lived to the fullest.
The Awesome Campaign in action on campus
"Small group" shouldn't mean "small impact." God has placed your Bible study in a particular place, and you have the opportunity to work together to reach the people around you. One fun way is by planning a small-group outreach event where you can invite friends to hear the gospel while having a good time.
Text a Toastie is an outreach activity where students text in their questions about God/Jesus/Christianity, and the chapter members deliver a delicious treat to them and answer their questions. It is easy, fun, and highly effective for having spiritual conversations on campus.
Text A Toastie Evangelism Outreach
Looking for a simple outreach event idea? Have your chapter host a movie night that intentionally springboards into spiritual conversations. Fourteen InterVarsity staff share their recommendations for starting discussions about a film's themes and characters, and how to ask questions that bring the conversation around to Jesus.
Over the summer, Erin Corry, campus staff at Bridgewater State University, felt God call her to go to campus to pray after her meeting ended nearby. Little did she know what God was about to do within her first few steps on campus, though he had been preparing for that moment all semester.
InterVarsity campus staff, Erin Corry, leads to student to faith.
What can God do in just one academic year? Check out this video and see how God blessed campuses and transformed students' lives in South San Diego.
Learn how to create a robust follow-up process that will help your chapter reach out to peers who've gone through a Proxe Station, attended an evangelistic outreach, or indicated interest in InterVarsity at New Student Outreach.
We don’t give someone half of a dollar bill, or help them half way across the street – it doesn’t make sense. The same goes for sharing your faith – you can’t do evangelism without including both justice and proclamation; one without the other is only half the gospel. The full gospel includes living faithfully in order to tell about Jesus through our words and our actions.
A successful harvest event requires detailed planning, good execution, and a thorough follow-up strategy. Keep reading for how to plan the various stages of a harvest event on your campus.
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