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As campus ministers, InterVarsity staff often find themselves talking about ministry outside the university context. The plane ride to InterVarsity National Staff Conference '14 in St. Louis was no different for apologetics specialist, Rick Mattson. God had a divine conversation in store for Rick as he sat down next to Ruth in seat 9a.
Witnessing on a Plane
Text a Toastie is an outreach activity where students text in their questions about God/Jesus/Christianity, and the chapter members deliver a delicious treat to them and answer their questions. It is easy, fun, and highly effective for having spiritual conversations on campus.
Text A Toastie Evangelism Outreach
After Urbana 12, Andrea, a brand-new Christian from Northern Michigan University, stepped out in faith and went on the Kenya Global Project in the summer of 2013. She soon found out that evangelism in Kenya is quite different from any evangelism she had experienced on her American campus.
 Northern Michigan University student on Global Project mission trip to Kenya
Over the summer, Erin Corry, campus staff at Bridgewater State University, felt God call her to go to campus to pray after her meeting ended nearby. Little did she know what God was about to do within her first few steps on campus, though he had been preparing for that moment all semester.
InterVarsity campus staff, Erin Corry, leads to student to faith.
Every summer, InterVarsity's new staff converge in Madison for intensive training, one day of which is focused on evangelism. It's a beautiful thing when they take what they've learned back to students, and all the more when they share their faith with family too. Pat Barbour shares a story about his eagerness to use his evangelism training in the summer of 2012.
As Easter Sunday nears, it is quite natural to ask people what they think about Easter, as well as about Jesus' death and resurrection. Rod Pauls, InterVarsity staff in the Rocky Mountain region, shares a questionnaire that he's used many times on campus to start conversations about Easter.
Use this book as a 12-week study with your small group to learn how to express your faith naturally with non-Christians.
Holy Conversation
You were there when Jesus came into your life, so you know your story intimately. But how do you share your testimony with non-Christians in a compelling way? To tell your story well, use this guide to spend half an hour thinking through the main points of how Jesus changed your life, and then crafting them into a succinct storyline for a future conversation.
Two Male College Students in Spiritual Conversation
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