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Many people think slavery ended long ago, but one of the largest injustices still taking place is human trafficking. Watch how InterVarsity students in NYC combined their faith and action to do something about modern-day slavery, starting with Price of Life Invitational.
College students fight slavery with Price of Life New York City
Explore how Christianity is a religion that is called to aid those who are marginalized in society. See what Jesus had to say to a religious teacher of his time about what it meant to truly love others around us. (Luke 10:25-37)
[Conversation Stopper] Because of an American view of slavery, it is often assumed that all slavery--including slavery in the Bible--was and is as horrific as the transatlantic slave trade. The reality is that there are more humans being sold into slavery today than in the entire transatlantic slave trade.
We don’t give someone half of a dollar bill, or help them half way across the street – it doesn’t make sense. The same goes for sharing your faith – you can’t do evangelism without including both justice and proclamation; one without the other is only half the gospel. The full gospel includes living faithfully in order to tell about Jesus through our words and our actions.
As featured at Urbana '12, the Money Campaign is a synergy between justice, evangelism, and God's heart for the poor. In partnership with World Vision, we are bringing good news to campus about money, financial discipleship, and a practical gospel application of assembling caregiver kits.
Money Proxe in action on campus
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