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One of the leaders of the Pagan Club at Indiana Purdue University at Fort Wayne found a distinct difference between his club and the InterVarsity chapter he'd been hanging around for two years.
Pagan Club Leader Meets Jesus
Dominique Griffin, a student involved in Greek InterVarsity at University of Hartford, shares how she unexpectedly found God and her real self after being nagged to attend Greek Conference in 2012.
Greek Conference
Over the summer, Erin Corry, campus staff at Bridgewater State University, felt God call her to go to campus to pray after her meeting ended nearby. Little did she know what God was about to do within her first few steps on campus, though he had been preparing for that moment all semester.
InterVarsity campus staff, Erin Corry, leads to student to faith.
What can God do in just one academic year? Check out this video and see how God blessed campuses and transformed students' lives in South San Diego.
When it comes to helping others mature in their Christian faith, what do you aim for? What do you do? And how do you know if you got there? Hopefully, this three-minute video can offer some help.
What does it mean to follow Jesus? And how should we help others become more like him?
Real Life
Curious about why Launch is a tool you should use to disciple new Christians at your school? Here's what some InterVarsity staff and student leaders had to share.
Thumbs up
Launch is a site for small group leaders and mentors to use to help new Christians learn how to follow Jesus. Keep reading to find out how easy it is to start leading new believers on your campus in this 10-week study.
Launch logo
When you choose to mentor a new believer, you're engaging in a practice that stretches back to the dawn of the church. There's wisdom in looking back at how Ananias mentored Saul (soon to be known as Paul). Look at the five ways Ananias advocated for Saul in Acts 9:10-25 to see how well you're doing already and where you might need to grow yet.
Two Female Students Laughing
Although every new Christian receives the Holy Spirit at their conversion, many new believers do so passively and unknowingly based on how they were lead to faith. Help the new Christians in your fellowship welcome the Holy Spirit into their lives with understanding and power using prayers for six areas of their faith.
InterVarsity staff worker praying with a student
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