Campus Stories

Evangelist and apologist Rick Mattson provides a handy toolkit of memorable and instantly usable images and analogies for making the Christian faith more plausible.
Faith is Like Skydiving
Text a Toastie is an outreach activity where students text in their questions about God/Jesus/Christianity, and the chapter members deliver a delicious treat to them and answer their questions. It is easy, fun, and highly effective for having spiritual conversations on campus.
Text A Toastie Evangelism Outreach
Looking for a simple outreach event idea? Have your chapter host a movie night that intentionally springboards into spiritual conversations. Fourteen InterVarsity staff share their recommendations for starting discussions about a film's themes and characters, and how to ask questions that bring the conversation around to Jesus.
How do you take your evangelistic experiences from college life and continue to share Jesus as an alumni? Jessica Fick explores how to talk to your neighbors, friends, and colleagues about Jesus post-college.
Not everyone spring-breaking at Panama City Beach was a college student, but that didn't mean they were excluded from the evangelism going on at Soul Surf 2013. Here's a quick story of the encounter between Phyllis LePeau, Evangelism Coordinator for Great Lakes West, and a "foolish" man.
As Easter Sunday nears, it is quite natural to ask people what they think about Easter, as well as about Jesus' death and resurrection. Rod Pauls, InterVarsity staff in the Rocky Mountain region, shares a questionnaire that he's used many times on campus to start conversations about Easter.
A must-read for anyone doing campus ministry, this book helps reframe evangelism as walking with people on a spiritual journey, rather than giving them a slick sales pitch.
Use this book as a 12-week study with your small group to learn how to express your faith naturally with non-Christians.
Holy Conversation
This is a quick story you could simply pass along for someone to read, or better yet, read and discuss with them using the questions in the back of the booklet.
The Parable of the Unexpected Guest
Christians routinely use words like "sin," "salvation," "fellowship," "sanctification," and "the gospel" without realizing these phrases can leave their friends confused or even repelled. Learn how to explain and translate "Christianese" in ways that help people understand and build relationships, including a fun way to practice with friends by playing Christianese Taboo (game included as free PDF!).
Two people picture different items when they hear the word pants
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