Campus Stories

What can God do in just one academic year? Check out this video and see how God blessed campuses and transformed students' lives in South San Diego.
Jessica Fick, InterVarsity staff in the Great Lakes East Region, offers tips for preparing short testimonies of your daily life that fit into each stage of the Big Story gospel outline.
Screenshot of InterVarsity Staff Jessica Fick
You were there when Jesus came into your life, so you know your story intimately. But how do you share your testimony with non-Christians in a compelling way? To tell your story well, use this guide to spend half an hour thinking through the main points of how Jesus changed your life, and then crafting them into a succinct storyline for a future conversation.
Two Male College Students in Spiritual Conversation
Your testimony presents the power of the gospel to others in a personal and relevant way. Christ's person, power, and promise are highlighted within a framework of how you were introduced to Christ, what difference he has made in your life, and what he continues to do in you. Learn some dos and don'ts for sharing your testimony in a way that focuses on God’s work, and doesn't distract or detract from it.
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