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Conversation Stoppers are those common accusations, declarations, rhetorical questions, or sincere questions about various aspects of Christianity that can trip up or completely tongue tie the Christian, hence they "stop" the conversation. The Conversation Stoppers Series will enable you to respond to several common objections to the Christian faith. Each Conversation Stopper explains the typical assumptions behind the objection/question, provides key talking points to continue the conversation, and lists additional resources about the topic.
[Conversation Stopper] Many people take offense at the exclusivity of Christ. To tell people that their choice to reject Jesus has eternal consequences smacks in the face of a relativistic campus worldview. This however separates evangelical Christianity from universalism- following Jesus is not one of many paths to God, it is the only way into relationship with God. While this can be one of the most difficult areas of Christianity to talk about, the tone of the conversation is almost as important as the content of what is communicated about the exclusivity of Christ.
[Conversation Stopper] First, it seems totally inconsistent with the idea that God is love. If God is love, wouldn’t God find a way to bring people everlasting joy and life instead? Second, is it really fair for finite mistakes or bad choices in this life to result in everlasting (eternal) punishment? The punishment doesn’t fit the crime. Third, has everyone even had a fair chance to learn about God and Jesus? Do those people get sent to hell because they grew up in the wrong country where no one believes in Christianity?
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