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The Bible is seen by some as merely a story that is made up and holds no validity. This study can help guide a discussion with someone who doubts the validity of scripture. (Matthew 28:1-10)
Can Christians prove that God really exists? In this study, you'll discover the validity of scripture and how the story of Jesus could not have been invented by humans. (Matthew 28:1-20)
[Conversation Stopper] By uttering this objection, your friend has given you evidence of their ignorance of history. The Bible (specifically the New Testament) is by far the most well attested set of documents from antiquity. Even the most liberal scholars estimate that the latest book (the Gospel of John) was completed by the end of the 1st century – well within the possible lifespan of the disciple. Claiming that there isn’t a shred of evidence for Jesus’ existence flies in the face of the vast majority of scholarship in the area – no serious scholar has made that claim for decades.
[Conversation Stopper] Many students feel like there is nothing special about the Bible. They feel it is a collection of religious sentiments and is therefore just like any other religious book. They feel the Bible may also have a more subversive agenda in that it is meant to promote one particular view of Christianity at the expense of more “tolerant” options.
[Conversation Stopper] Don’t we all want scientific, verifiable evidence that God exists? The seeming lack of evidence can drive people to dismiss the possibility of God’s existence, especially those with a more scientific or logical bent. Christians, when confronted with the accusation that no tangible evidence of God exists, often find themselves confused because it sounds like an atheist “throwing down the gauntlet.”
[Conversation Stopper] First, it seems totally inconsistent with the idea that God is love. If God is love, wouldn’t God find a way to bring people everlasting joy and life instead? Second, is it really fair for finite mistakes or bad choices in this life to result in everlasting (eternal) punishment? The punishment doesn’t fit the crime. Third, has everyone even had a fair chance to learn about God and Jesus? Do those people get sent to hell because they grew up in the wrong country where no one believes in Christianity?
[Conversation Stopper] Christians are repressed and apparently so is God. He wants people to stop having fun for “heaven” knows why. What can possibly be wrong with two people who love each other expressing that in an enjoyable and intimate way? For that matter, why is “friends with benefits" such a problem? Christians need to lighten up and enjoy life instead of meddling in other people’s private affairs.
[Conversation Stopper] The Bible can’t be taken as the inspired word of God because it contains contradictions and errors. The true word of God would be perfect in every way.
[Conversation Stopper] The Bible can’t be taken as the inspired word of God because it contains myths.
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