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Part 2 of 2: Can Christianity be the only true religion? This GIG looks at why Jesus is the only way to the Father and how the way he cares for people is different from all other religions. (John 10:19-30)
Part 1 of 2: Can Christianity be the only true religion? This GIG looks at why Jesus is the only way to the Father and how the way he cares for people is different from all other religions. (John 10:7-18)
[Conversation Stopper] By uttering this objection, your friend has given you evidence of their ignorance of history. The Bible (specifically the New Testament) is by far the most well attested set of documents from antiquity. Even the most liberal scholars estimate that the latest book (the Gospel of John) was completed by the end of the 1st century – well within the possible lifespan of the disciple. Claiming that there isn’t a shred of evidence for Jesus’ existence flies in the face of the vast majority of scholarship in the area – no serious scholar has made that claim for decades.
[Conversation Stopper] A lot of people think something like this: “If I had been born in a Hindi community, I would be Hindu, if I were born into a Buddhist family I would be a Buddhist. It is the same with Christianity. Sociology demonstrates that people tend to believe whatever other people around them believe, so even if I feel drawn toward Christianity, it is probably just because a lot of people in the US believe it. Culture creates belief, religion can be described by the need to think alike. All values are ultimately social constructions.
The college campus is flooded with worldviews. A lot of people naturally conclude that it is arrogant for anyone to think their worldview is absolutely true, and that it is especially rude and close minded to suggest there is “one way” to God.
[Conversation Stopper] Today’s students often see themselves as globally aware, culturally sensitive, and tolerant of alternative views. In light of this, it can seem arrogant, intolerant, and close-minded to suggest that Jesus is the only way to God, or that Christianity is the true religion. Students might be okay with each person finding their own truth, but they are suspicious of any one truth trumping all others.
[Conversation Stopper] No one who reads through the Bible can ignore the blatant misogyny and barbarity toward women. There are examples of sexism toward women in both the Old and New Testament, and Christians today use those scriptures to oppress women.
[Conversation Stopper] Don’t we all want scientific, verifiable evidence that God exists? The seeming lack of evidence can drive people to dismiss the possibility of God’s existence, especially those with a more scientific or logical bent. Christians, when confronted with the accusation that no tangible evidence of God exists, often find themselves confused because it sounds like an atheist “throwing down the gauntlet.”
[Conversation Stopper] In the media today, we often hear accusations of how outdated the Bible and the church are, especially as it relates to issues like women’s rights. The implication is that Christianity is irrelevant to the world today. These types of accusations are often made as authoritative blanket statements, yet rarely does anyone stop and question the validity of these accusations.
[Conversation Stopper] Christians are repressed and apparently so is God. He wants people to stop having fun for “heaven” knows why. What can possibly be wrong with two people who love each other expressing that in an enjoyable and intimate way? For that matter, why is “friends with benefits" such a problem? Christians need to lighten up and enjoy life instead of meddling in other people’s private affairs.
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