Eleanor Baylon

Eleanor studied ethnomusicology and psychology at the University of California, Santa Barbara.  She is a proud native of San Bernardino but has had the pleasure of serving students with InterVarsity for 7 years in several colleges around the Southern California region including Allan Hancock College, CSU Los Angeles, the University of Redlands, and UC Riverside.  In her eighth year on staff with IV, Eleanor transitioned from being on-campus to working behind-the-scenes with the Evangelism department; her favorite part of this role is helping develop tools that get students and faculty to engage in substantial conversations about life, faith, and Jesus.  

Eleanor is about to embark on her next adventure as a doctoral candidate for Fuller Seminary's clinical psychology program where she hopes to study Filipino-American psychology and worship leader psychology. If she's not studying for class, you can probably find her cooking, crocheting, watching a bad movie, playing video games, or side-hustling as a wedding singer (you can also contract her for quinceñeras- just in case you were wondering).