How do you do evangelism?

Live out your calling

Discover more about your calling to evangelism ministry, your unique gifting, what it means to be an evangelism leader, and how to live the life of an evangelist.

Pray & fast

Prayer and fasting are historic Christian disciplines that remain important for advancing the gospel today. Find inspiring resources for making evangelistic prayer a habit, using prayer walks to understand the spiritual climate on your campus, and interceding for God to move powerfully.

Have a spiritual conversation

Want to have healthy conversations about Jesus? Here’s how to improve your all-around communication by listening and asking questions, as well as pointers for engaging in seemingly everyday conversations that can awaken people to the presence of God.

Share a gospel outline

What is the good news and how do you explain it to someone? Here’s where you’ll find multiple gospel outlines, some appropriate for broad application and others geared toward specific contexts.

Give a call to faith

Find training and examples for making a call to faith, whether you're inviting one person at the end of a GIG or preaching to an auditorium full of people.

Answer tough questions

If you encounter common objections to Christian faith, especially those that tend to stop the conversation, you’ll find helpful responses in our “Conversation Stoppers” series, as well as other apologetics resources.

Lead a GIG

A GIG is a Group Investigating God. It's an opportunity for two or more people to have a discussion with the purpose of finding out more about Jesus from the Bible, and helping people become his followers. In this section, you’ll find tips, training, and studies by theme or Bible passage.

Run a Proxe station

Proxe Stations are guided experiences used to clearly explain the gospel and help people respond appropriately. They use interactive art, questions, and conversation to enable participants to discover realities about God, themselves, and their world, which then move them to respond to Jesus. Go here for tips, training, descriptions, and materials for each Proxe Station.

Host a campus outreach

Here’s where your group can find ideas for week-long invitationals, one-time events, and New Student Outreach campaigns.

Develop a strategy

Every campus needs a comprehensive evangelism strategy. Learn how to incorporate cycles of harvest throughout the academic year, take into account the thresholds of postmodern conversion, develop evangelistic leadership, and utilize national and regional resources.

Check out R & D projects

COMING SOON! Our innovative and creative staff are always thinking of cutting-edge ways to do evangelism on campus. Check out an overview of their latest evangelism pilot projects, as well as archives from past years.

Disciple new Christians grow

When people make decisions to follow Jesus, how can you help them grow in their faith? Here are resources to help them understand their new commitment and take the next steps. Launch, in particular, is a Bible study series you can use with new Christians to help them understand the fundamentals of faith.