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Faith is Like Skydiving [Book Recommendation]

Faith is Like SkydivingIt can be hard to explain why you believe in God. But images and analogies can provide concrete handles for making the Christian faith more plausible. 

If someone claims that Christians make a "blind leap of faith," you can respond, "No, it's not a blind leap. Faith is like skydiving. You check out your parachute beforehand and make sure it's secure. You follow the safety instructions. And then you jump. It's a leap, but it's not a blind leap. It's an informed leap."

Experienced evangelist and apologist Rick Mattson has collected dozens of easy-to-use images for explaining Christianity. God's amazing design of the world? It's like getting dealt a royal flush over and over again. Why is there evil and suffering in the world? Because it's a broken world, and things are not how they're supposed to be.

With practical tips on how to interact with your skeptical friends, this book provides a handy toolkit of memorable and instantly usable images for conversation. Find yourself better equipped to give an answer to anyone who asks you about your faith.

Doug Schaupp, coauthor of I Once Was Lost and Associate Director of Evangelism for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship had this to say:

"Want to share about Jesus with skeptics with a tone of grace and truth? Read and practice this book. Rick knows his stuff. Reading this book is like going with Rick on a road trip to campus and getting trained by him on how to talk to atheists about faith. Rick's style is conversational, winsome, practical and confident. This book is full of tried-and-true material that will help you relax and communicate well. He simplifies the complex philosophical topics. He gives great pointers for you to practice. There is something for everyone in these pages."

R. York Moore, evangelist and Associate Director of Advancement for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, said:

"Faith Is Like Skydiving offers an inspiring guide to engaging people with real and relevant questions. This short work reads like a field book for talking with everyday people about everyday questions and objections to faith. Rick's down-to-earth and transparent writing is matched by the many encounters with real people he's been able to engage with where they are at. This book should be on every vocational Christian worker's short go-to list for resources on engaging people in the art of apologetics. This book should also be basic reading for everyday Christians who care about the people around them, who often have real questions and are open to real answers."

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Excellent :)

Excellent :)