How to answer tough questions

[Conversation Stopper] Christians are repressed and apparently so is God. He wants people to stop having fun for “heaven” knows why. What can possibly be wrong with two people who love each other expressing that in an enjoyable and intimate way? For that matter, why is “friends with benefits" such a problem? Christians need to lighten up and enjoy life instead of meddling in other people’s private affairs.
[Conversation Stopper] The Bible can’t be taken as the inspired word of God because it contains myths.
[Conversation Stopper] The Bible can’t be taken as the inspired word of God because it contains contradictions and errors. The true word of God would be perfect in every way.
[Conversation Stopper] Christianity is based on “blind faith” and therefore can’t be taken seriously. Skeptics often talk about how religion is based on blind faith while science and rational thinking are based on facts and observable evidence. But is this distinction actually the case?
The popular Handbook of Christian Apologetics has been condensed into a "pocket" version. In it, you'll find summaries of the foremost arguments for major Christian teachings and compelling responses to the most common arguments put forward against Christianity.
Pocket Handbook of Christian Apologetics
New atheists may vehemently argue that religion is irrational, but author John Wilksinson turns their argument on its head. In this book, consider how the irrationality of faith may in fact be its greatest asset.
No Argument for God
Whether you'd like to prepare yourself to answer tough questions about Jesus himself, or you'd like to give a good read on that subject to someone who's curious or skeptical, this book will provide its readers with a down-to-earth look at Christianity.
Jesus with Dirty Feet
This is Steve. He's got a degree in apologetics, which makes him pretty smart and pretty cool. And he's willing and eager to share some ground rules--commandments, if you will--to help you discuss hot-button issues with your friends.
Author Steve Wimmer holding the "6 Commandments" for Answering Tough Questions
Jeffrey Burton Russell tackles 145 "viral lies and legends" about Christianity that arise in our culture.
Exposing Myths about Christianity
In 2008, renowned atheist Richard Dawkins wrote a book to disuade religious people from their belief. Two years later, Alister McGrath, a former atheist himself, responded to Dawkins' arguments with a book of his own.
The Dawkins Delusion