How to answer tough questions

Non-Christians used to be the only ones to ask questions about relativism and faith, but today even regular churchgoers and Christian students in InterVarsity chapters have important questions that need to be addressed. Here is a book for everyone who wants to proclaim the certainty of God's Word in an era of change: Apologetic Preaching by Craig Loscalzo.
Apologetic Preaching
When someone asks you a difficult apologetic question, try using the "four key words" shared by writer Luke Cawley to unlock the real issue on their mind and take the conversation to another level.
What does a quality Christian community--one that is attractive to non-Christians--look like? Learn how to elevate your community to a whole new level based on the example of the Asian Christian Fellowship at Michigan State. This article includes questions to help your fellowship evaluate how compelling your community is currently.
Students from the Asian Christian Fellowship at Michigan State University
Think you know what draws people to Christ more than anything else? The answer may surprise you. Read how to open the hearts of seekers and skeptics to Jesus with a compelling apologetic that is radically different than any secular alternative.