How to give a call to faith

What to Say When Someone Says "No"

You'll come across a variety of responses when you share the gospel with people: "yes," "no," and a whole spectrum in between. Watch the video below for possible ways to handle the different responses you'll hear over time.

Do you have a tip for how to respond when someone initially says "no" or "maybe" when asked to follow Jesus? Or do you have a story about when this went well or poorly in your life? Share it in a comment below.


Great work Jessica and Sarah!

Great work Jessica and Sarah! Perhaps an outline of potential responses
given in the video would be helpful to post here.

Another option:
Give a prayer experiment challenge. Ask them to experiment by praying to God asking God...
"God if you are real, then reveal yourself to me." Or to ask God for their needs. Agree to
circle back on the conversation in a week or so...