How to give a call to faith

It happens. Preaching, Bible studies, and spiritual conversations with non-Christians can subtly lose their center and turn to the hearer's "felt needs." This book gives a premise for refocusing on Jesus and the key dimensions of his work.
Give Them Christ
Jessica Fick, InterVarsity staff in the Great Lakes East Region, discusses options to help people move forward on their journey toward Jesus if they’ve responded negatively or tentatively when you shared the gospel.
Screenshot of InterVarsity Staff Jessica Fick
"There's no way so-and-so will ever become a Christian." Have you found yourself thinking that way about someone you know? It's a common hangup when it comes to sharing Jesus with the people in your life. Here are two big reasons not to assess your friends and decide on their behalf whether or not you are even going to give them the opportunity to make that decision.
You may often feel like it's your responsibility to make the gospel "work" when you share it with someone. This short video encourages you to get over that feeling and let compassion for non-believers trump your own shortcomings and fears.
It's often awkward when someone hesitates after you've asked if they'd like to receive Christ. Instead of resorting to asking them to do a GIG or come to the next large-group meeting, push through the awkwardness by tarrying. In this short video, Ram Sridharan shares the hows and whys of tarrying when you're with someone at their decision moment.
If you've ever felt evangelism was a bit like a sales job, you're not alone. Examine the ways Christians sometimes spread the gospel like it's a marketing process, and how Jesus enables you to do sales-free evangelism instead.
Visual analogy of evangelist feeling like a used-car saleman