How to have a spiritual conversation

The party scene is an often overlooked or seemingly impossible place to reach people on college campuses. But, as Christians, we are called to reach the partiers. Since most partiers are never going to walk into your Bible study or church, here are a few ways to bring Jesus to them.
Greek InterVarsity party
How do you take your evangelistic experiences from college life and continue to share Jesus as an alumni? Jessica Fick explores how to talk to your neighbors, friends, and colleagues about Jesus post-college.
As Easter Sunday nears, it is quite natural to ask people what they think about Easter, as well as about Jesus' death and resurrection. Rod Pauls, InterVarsity staff in the Rocky Mountain region, shares a questionnaire that he's used many times on campus to start conversations about Easter.
Use this book as a 12-week study with your small group to learn how to express your faith naturally with non-Christians.
Holy Conversation
This is a quick story you could simply pass along for someone to read, or better yet, read and discuss with them using the questions in the back of the booklet.
The Parable of the Unexpected Guest
Christians routinely use words like "sin," "salvation," "fellowship," "sanctification," and "the gospel" without realizing these phrases can leave their friends confused or even repelled. Learn how to explain and translate "Christianese" in ways that help people understand and build relationships, including a fun way to practice with friends by playing Christianese Taboo (game included as free PDF!).
Two people picture different items when they hear the word pants
You were there when Jesus came into your life, so you know your story intimately. But how do you share your testimony with non-Christians in a compelling way? To tell your story well, use this guide to spend half an hour thinking through the main points of how Jesus changed your life, and then crafting them into a succinct storyline for a future conversation.
Two Male College Students in Spiritual Conversation
Jesus' conversation with the woman at the well in John 4 provides a great example of how Jesus did conversational evangelism. Look at six things Jesus did in his conversation with the Samaritan woman and how you can emulate their interaction in your conversations with seekers.
If you'd like to improve the spiritual conversations you have with your friends, read about Jesus' exchange with a Jewish scholar in Luke 10. It teaches a lot about how the use of questions can help you have deeper, relevant, and more-genuine conversations with the people in your life.
Good questions go a long way
Listening to God and listening to people were both important practices for Jesus. Learn to do evangelism in partnership with the Trinity as Jesus did in his encounter with the paralyzed man in John 5:1-19.