Develop a Strategy

In this next season of evangelism, we want to keep finding relevant ways to help students and faculty become followers of Jesus, yet also connect to the body we call InterVarsity.

Developed with a multi-department team, the 5 Thresholds Training Toolkit will help your small group grow in love for the

It was a line graph. A smooth blue curve showed the next 10 years in the life of the church. Apparently this little church of 100 people was going to grow to over 1,000 in the next decade. So the diagram told me. Next to it was a series of images picturing how the church’s building would expand over this period to accommodate all the new people.

They liked each other and were happy to be friends. But the three of them could just never agree. Every time they spoke about how to communicate Jesus on campus, they all had radically different ideas.

Learn to see your networks on campus through God's eyes. These aren't just random people you happen to intersect with while you go about your daily life.

Eighty people came. We were happy and surprised. There were less than 20 Christian students on campus and somehow every one of them had brought several friends along to the meal.

Here are 11 thorough tips for creating a robust follow-up process that will help your chapter reach out to peers who've gone through a Proxe Station, attended an evangelistic outreach, or indicated interest in InterVarsity at New Student Outreach.