How to help new Christians grow

The I-DIG—short for International Disciples Group—is a manual for international students and scholars seeking to be discipled in the cross-cultural family of God. It emphasizes community, spiritual practices, and accountability to help students take in and grow from the Word. Though it was developed by InterVarsity's International Student Ministry (ISM), the resources inside can be used in other ministry contexts.
When it comes to helping others mature in their Christian faith, what do you aim for? What do you do? And how do you know if you got there? Hopefully, this three-minute video can offer some help.
Study this book alongside new Christians (or even mature Christians) and you'll receive an inspiring picture of what it means to be missional.
Go and Do
What does it mean to follow Jesus? And how should we help others become more like him?
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If you've already led a group of new believers through Launch, you might consider digging deeper with them by studying this 12-session book on "evangelism that makes disciples."
Witness Essentials
Curious about why Launch is a tool you should use to disciple new Christians at your school? Here's what some InterVarsity staff and student leaders had to share.
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Launch is a site for small group leaders and mentors to use to help new Christians learn how to follow Jesus. Keep reading to find out how easy it is to start leading new believers on your campus in this 10-week study.
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When you choose to mentor a new believer, you're engaging in a practice that stretches back to the dawn of the church. There's wisdom in looking back at how Ananias mentored Saul (soon to be known as Paul). Look at the five ways Ananias advocated for Saul in Acts 9:10-25 to see how well you're doing already and where you might need to grow yet.
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Although every new Christian receives the Holy Spirit at their conversion, many new believers do so passively and unknowingly based on how they were lead to faith. Help the new Christians in your fellowship welcome the Holy Spirit into their lives with understanding and power using prayers for six areas of their faith.
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Conversion is a tricky subject, and often misunderstood. For some clarity, read about seven elements of Christian conversion, and why understanding conversion is important to evangelism.
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