How to Find a Friend for Your GIG by Next Friday

Did you commit to leading a GIG (Group Investigating God) on your campus, but now you don't know whom to invite to be in it? Try following these easy steps and prayer suggestions—one a day, next Monday through Friday—to follow through with your intentions.

DAY 1: Find a prayer partner.

Ask a friend in your witnessing community, perhaps at the end of your next chapter meeting, to stay after for a few minutes and pray together about the GIG you’d like to start.

Together, ask God to:

  • Help you identify a friend (or perhaps someone in your dorm or a classmate) to ask.
  • Give you the courage and the opportunity to invite this friend to a GIG.
  • Prepare your friend's heart to be open to your invitation and available at a time you can both meet.
  • Cause your friend to engage passionately with Scripture and Jesus during your GIG.
  • Draw your friend to himself and bring your friend to faith in Jesus.

DAY 2: Arrange a time to hang out with a friend this week.

Now that you have someone in mind, send them a text and make plans to get together to grab coffee, go for a run, or do something else fun and casual.

Continue praying for your friend and for the right opportunity to invite them to the GIG.

DAY 3: Practice inviting a friend to join you for a GIG.

Try saying it a few different ways until you find what’s comfortable for you.

Della, an Urbana09 attendee, says something like this:

“Hey, I noticed that we end up talking about God and spiritual things a lot. There's a short study that is about four sessions long that covers some of the things we keep discussing. Would you be interested in coming over with some other friends and going through the study? The discussion is open and no one will try to get you to believe the way they do. You’re welcome to bring a friend. What do you think?”

Also on the third day, continue praying for your friend. Read 11 Prayers for Your Friends to Know Christ for Scripture-based prayers to use.

DAY 4: Give the invitation while you are hanging out.

At some point in your time together, invite your friend to your GIG. Share passionately—this is the time to let your enthusiasm show. After you ask your friend, you could say something (with sincerity) like, “I love getting to know what Jesus is like. He’s often not what I expected.”

Keep praying for your friend regularly, whether he or she accepts your GIG invitation or not. If your friend declines, thank God for working in your friend’s life, and pray God will bring you someone else to invite soon. Start this process at Day One again…God will provide.

DAY 5: Set a time to do your GIG together within the next 24 hours.

Don’t let much time elapse between when you invited them and when you actually meet for your first GIG. If at all possible, set the GIG date and time when you make your invitation. If that doesn’t work, call or drop in on your friend and schedule it the next day.

Pray that your friend will:

  • Keep the GIG appointment.
  • Develop a hunger to know God.
  • Have fun!
  • Fall in love with Scripture and with Jesus.
  • Be open to the Spirit of God.
  • Respond to God’s invitation.
  • Receive Jesus to live with and in him or her.
  • Grow and become a strong Christ follower.

Don’t be discouraged if a few people say no when you invite them to a GIG. That’s normal. I said no to my close girlfriends’ weekly Bible-study invitations for three months. I finally accepted because they wore me down and to get them off my back. Boy, am I glad they persisted!

Inquiring minds want to know: Did you try this 5-day plan? If so, how did it go? Share your experience below.