How to lead a GIG

There are over one million international students in the U.S. Are you friends with one of them? Watch this video to find out why and how to investigate God with them.
Can someone who is not yet fully in relationship with Jesus actually lead other non-Christians in an evangelistic Bible study? Though that's not usually the case in InterVarsity, God colored outside the lines to bring one seeking student to himself this way.
Jen Wojtysiak with friends from college
Rick Richardson's first attempt at leading an evangelistic Bible study nearly took a turn for the worst.
You don't have to have led a GIG before, or even have been in one, for God to do amazing things. Watch this video of Casey Groff, Greek InterVarsity staff, as she shares the inspiring story of her first GIG with a sorority student at San Diego State University.
Veteran GIG leaders can tell you there are a few tricks of the trade when it comes to leading a Bible study with seekers and skeptics. How much should the leader talk? What kinds of questions work best? Should you pray? Read on for three helpful pointers.
Your enthusiasm after a mountain-top event like Urbana can be fertile ground for starting a GIG back on campus. Here are five pointers for sharing your Urbana experience and inviting friends back home to join your GIG.
Urbana plus GIGs equals love
Committed to leading a GIG, but don't have anyone else in it but yourself just yet? Here's a 5-day plan to finding and inviting people to join your study.
There's more to leading a GIG than the 30- to 60-minute discussions you facilitate about a Scripture passage. This 8-step guide will help you introduce your friends to Jesus by thoughtfully considering the whole GIG process: before, during, and after.
How many of these 10 tips are you putting into practice in the GIGs you lead? Grow as a leader and bless the members of your GIG by adding some or all of these recommendations to your GIGs.
Top ten elements of a great GIG