Give a Call to Faith

I’ve been asked to clarify my views on the atonement — and on penal substitutionary atonement, in particular — and I can easily understand the necessity for this, given the nature of the evangelism role. In that way, I’m thankful for being offered another chance to express where I’m coming from, and would welcome any response to what I’ve written. This brief treatment can’t be comprehensive by any means, so I’ll assume that you have these particular questions in mind: Is penal substitution a valid atonement model for me? Is it a controlling model, or one of many?

In Matthew 28:19-20, we are not just called to help people to make decisions about following Jesus, although making decisions are important. We are called to make disciples. Following up on decisions of faith made at an event is essential to faithful Kingdom Work. It’s a part of making disciples. There are times when perhaps following up on decisions is not possible, but where possible, it is paramount.

A small group is an incredibly fruitful context in which to invite students to consider becoming followers of Jesus. It is a safe place, where there is a community of friends.

Calls to Faith -- a public invitation to follow Jesus -- is a common method in many ministries to help people decide to follow Jesus.