How to share a gospel outline

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The Big Story Gospel Presentation app, created by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA, is a creative way to share the gospel right from your smartphone or tablet.

Based on material from True Story by James Choung, this free app helps you illustrate the main points of the gospel message by drawing four “worlds” on your screen.

Suggested dialogue and scripture references are included for each world to help you explain the gospel as you draw.

The opportunity to make a decision for Jesus Christ and join his mission to heal the world is presented at the end; a suggested prayer is included.

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  • Draw each world by tracing its outline as you explain each step. Watch a tutorial video.
  • Save or erase your drawings.
  • Flip each of your drawings over for suggested dialogue and Scripture references.
  • Offer a suggested prayer to Jesus for those who want to commit their lives to Christ.
  • Email a PDF recap of the Big Story Gospel Presentation to follow-up after your discussion.


Sooo helpful!

"Easy to use interface, all you need and more when sharing this Gospel presentation on the go! Lots of good supporting information is available at each step of the process to help with dialogue. I'll be rocking this at our Proxe Station for this coming spring NSO! I'll see if I can get my chapter at the University of Minnesota Duluth on board with this!" - Ryan Holmquist via iTunes

Simple is best!

"Using this tool outside the US is great. It has little English which keeps it simple and there's alot you can do with this. I have had a little training with InterVarsity, but am not involved in campus work at this point. I downloaded it yesterday and am learning how to apply it in the culture I live and work in. Glad to see apps like this coming out-well done with keeping the story simple yet able to communicate Truth!" - Anna Fields via iTunes

The extra features are awesome!

"I love this app. I was expecting it to have a simple outline, but the optional dialogue, questions, Scripture, and prayers make it really complete!" - KimberLillyLolly via iTunes


"Ptl" (Praise the Lord) - Jeremy Yeung via Google Play

Terrific Update

"If the original app wasn't helpful enough, this most recent update [January 2014] is awesome." - Hoosier Dalton via iTunes

>> Download the free app for iOS or Android

Note: If you are not currently viewing this page on your iOS or Android device, click to proceed to iTunes or Google Play.

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Why does this need to access

Why does this need to access my location?

Is there a video

Is there a video demonstrating how to use this app? If not, do you have plans to make one?

Julie, It's been awhile


It's been awhile since you asked, but I wanted to let you know that we now have a video that demonstrates how to use the app. You can view it here:

And, the video is embedded in the Tutorial section of the app as well.

Blessings, Sarah

Julie, Thanks for the


Thanks for the suggestion! We do have plans to make a video tutorial in early 2014. We recorded the voiceover explanation in November and will make the animated video after our video production team has had a chance to rest after InterVarsity's Staff Conference in January.

Blessings, Sarah

Hi I often get to give

I often get to give presentations to groups of people (such as work colleagues) on my work helping the poor in India.
I think the New World / Big Story is a great way of explaining why I do this (because of God), and at the same time sharing the gospel message.
Do you have any of it a form where I can using Powerpoint and/or Prezi


Geoff, My apologies for not


My apologies for not replying sooner. It's on our to-do list to get this outline whipped into shape for PowerPoint/Keynote/Prezi, so I'm glad to hear people want to use it that way.

Stay tuned!

Blessings, Sarah

I'd like to see this

I'd like to see this Evangelism tool made available to the Windows family of products like Windows 8, Windows RT (tablets), and Windows Phone.

This should be relatively easy as they all accept "native code," meaning your existing apps could be easily ported over with little effort and made available on all 3 platforms.


It's been almost a year since

It's been almost a year since this comment, any progress for us Windows people?

Thanks for sharing your

Thanks for sharing your desire for a Windows app with us a second time. We appreciate how much you want this gospel tool on your phone!

At this time, our app developer does not build apps for Windows, plus it's quite expensive for us to produce the app, so we've chosen to prioritize the majority of smartphone users (iOS and Android).

If you know of a developer who would like to partner in ministry by producing a Windows (and/or Kindle Fire) version of the app for us, please have them contact me at sschilling at intervarsity dot org.


can this be made available

can this be made available for Kindle Fire?

Thank you for letting us know

Thank you for letting us know you'd be interested in having the New World app on your Kindle Fire!

Prior to making the app available on more devices, our next big goal is to do a major update to the iOS and Android versions. We want more iOS/Android users, particularly people outside of InterVarsity, to be able to readily jump into sharing the New World gospel outline without ever having seen it before.

We'll keep your Kindle Fire request noted, however, and will keep this page updated with links to any updated and additional devices.

I've heard great things about

I've heard great things about this app.