Have a Spiritual Conversation

When I gave my life to Jesus in the spring semester of my freshman year, it was a no-brainer to keep partying at my fraternity…but in a redeemed way.

As Easter Sunday nears, it is quite natural to ask people what they think about Easter, as well as about Jesus' death and resurrection.

I had only known her for a few hours when she shocked me for the first time. We were walking in the park, chatting, and mildly flirting when she told me that she liked my pants.

Her words froze me in my tracks. I liked her, but this was too much, way too soon.

Jesus’ interactions with people are fascinating. On 25 occasions, Jesus was asked a direct question that required a simple answer. He only gave a direct response to four of these inquiries. The other 21 times, he replied, not with a statement, but with a question of his own. Jesus seemed more interested in genuine conversation than giving an authoritative answer.

Lone-Ranger Evangelism

My first semester in college, I was the only Christian in my program, and the only believer in my dorm complex. I felt overwhelmed. How could I tell every person about Jesus all on my own? I felt like I needed to run up to everyone and blurt out the good news.