Live Out The Calling

If you have a relationship with Jesus Christ, you're a witness. You have firsthand knowledge of who Jesus is and what he's done in your life--in other words, you have experienced Jesus.

We’re pleased to announce the Evangelism Toolkit, an evangelism resource developed in partnership with 2100 Productions and the Evangelism Department. In it, you’ll find most everything you’ll need to train on the Big Story, the Five Thresholds, Coaching Proxe Stations and Calls to Faith in both large groups and small groups.

Think about a time when you really stuck your neck out on the line. When was a time you believed in something so much that you did all you could to recruit to the cause?

What is the Code of Ethics for Christian Witness?
In the 1980s, the American Family Foundation--an inter-religious, cult-watching organization--sponsored a group of religious professionals to develop a code of ethics that would be mutually affirmed, ethically viable, and theologically acceptable to diverse constituencies.

Does This Sound Like You?

Are you someone who has to be around not-yet-believing seekers or else you go into withdrawal?

Are you somewhat spontaneous and often late for meetings because you just can't help but get into evangelistic conversations?

Do you ever get a weird urge in the middle of a large-group meeting to rebuke everyone who hasn't led another person to Christ in the past 24 hours?