How to run a Proxe station

Election 2012

Originally created by Brown University students for the 2008 presidential elections, the Election Proxe has been recently updated for the 2012 election season.

Although the main banner asks, "Is God a Republican or a Democrat?", the Election Proxe doesn't actually seek to align God with either political party. Rather, it gets students thinking about:

  • What they believe are the most pressing problems in the world
  • What it would take to see real change, and whether a political system can bring it
  • How the central story of Christian faith has brought and can still bring about systemic transformation in the world

The Election Proxe consists of 8.5"-x-11" pages including:

  • 6 pages that combine horizontally to form the main banner across the top of the display
  • 10 pages with key questions about political issues, personal values, etc. - You may use as few or as many of these pages on your display as you see fit.
  • 4 pages with quotes and images of major historical figures whose faith motivated them to produce meaningful change in the world
  • A 2-page script with a contextualized sample dialogue for the New World Gospel Presentation
  • 1 page with half-sheet "crib notes" of the script to use on site

All pages are provided in one PDF!!!

If you choose to do the Election Proxe on your campus, we would love for you to share photos of it in action on campus. Please send them to evangelism at intervarsity dot org or share them on the InterVarsity Evangelism Facebook page.


Interesting proxe idea! I bet

Interesting proxe idea! I bet this started a lot of interesting conversations.

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