Run a Proxe Station

The Beyond Colorblind Toolkit is designed to disciple students into conversations that will transform their campus as students learn to share the Gospel through their ethnic stories.

Everyone wants an awesome life—a life that matters. But a truly awesome and fulfilling life only comes from knowing God.

We are all prone to “faking” something: we pretend we’re happy when we’re not, we pretend we know more than we do, we fake emotions, and we fake behaviors.

Racial issues are present, to some degree or another, on most campuses. Race is not an easy issue, but the Hope Proxe brings a new perspective.

College students are familiar with the red cup used at parties, but they may never have thought about it as representing their deeper thirsts.

The Money Campaign is intended to be a combination of a Proxe Station, a small-group series, and a large-group training.

The Who Will You Be Campaign asks seeking students about identity and aspirations, and tells the familiar story of one who left home to "live life to the fullest"...only to find true identity later