How to develop a strategy

In InterVarsity's next season of evangelism, we want more than decisions. We want disciples. Acts 2 is immensely helpful in this way. This passage highlights the powerful and deep connection between the role of evangelism and the growth of the community. We hope the following five principles will guide how we plan, approve, implement, evaluate, and measure our evangelism efforts.
The 5 Thresholds Training Toolkit will help your small group grow in love for their non-Christian friends and in awareness of practical ways to help them grow toward Jesus. (Resources are only accessible to InterVarsity staff.)
How do you hold your fellowship accountable for evangelistic practice and fruitfulness without falling into the twin traps of either reducing evangelism to pure human effort or overlooking our role completely? Luke Cawley, IFES staff in Europe, shares how to ask questions of your chapter's evangelistic practice and how to make adjustments.
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It doesn’t have to be a disaster when your chapter is denied some or all of its access to campus. Read these creative solutions and find new opportunities that arise because of campus-access issues.
Maybe you’ve experienced debates on a leadership team or between friends about the best way to do evangelism. Is it through word, sign, or deed? Luke Cawley, IFES staff, illustrates how all three are needed and what they have in common for ministry.
For a twist on the Five Thresholds, try aligning it with network mapping. You'll start to see each person in your life as part of something wonderful God is doing. Sample network map available as PDF download for group use.
Learn how to recognize the characteristics of the five thresholds a postmodern skeptic passes through on their journey toward Christ, and how to encourage them along the way.
Five Thresholds Trust Curiosity Change Seeking Follower
Has your chapter ever hosted an evangelistic event where non-Christians enjoyed themselves and heard the gospel message, yet little or no fruit came from the event? Here are five tips to revamp your events by integrating them into an effective evangelism strategy.
How to Stop Running Fruitless Evangelistic Events
The idea of learning and training to be an evangelist can sometimes feels inauthentic. However, a follower of Jesus preparing well for evangelism is as vital as a doctor understanding human biology and a rappelling instructor tying the ropes. Find four tips from Luke 10 in which Jesus models evangelism training for his disciples.
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Learn how to create a robust follow-up process that will help your chapter reach out to peers who've gone through a Proxe Station, attended an evangelistic outreach, or indicated interest in InterVarsity at New Student Outreach.