2+ Prayer Cards: Evangelistic Prayer Made Easy

College students are used to frequently opening their wallets to use credit cards, debit cards, and gift cards for daily, often multiple, financial transactions.

Whether they’re buying a cup of coffee, a meal, or paying a bill (on time, of course!), making daily financial transactions has become as natural as breathing.

While financial transactions are part of their everyday routine, “spiritual transactions” like prayer may not be for one reason or another.

Remove the Roadblocks

A common concern I’ve heard from friends, students, and even InterVarsity alumni is that prayer can feel difficult and require effort. As soon as they think about praying, psychological, imaginary, or very real roadblocks end up standing between them and their desire to pray.

This is a problem: There are hundreds, if not thousands, of students and graduates out there that want to pray, but are struggling to get started.

What if you could give students a tool that would completely transform their idea of prayer? A tool that not only makes prayer a natural part of everyday life, but also inspires students to pray multiple times a day.

This is where 2+ Prayer Cards come in.

Teach a Modern-Day Parable

At their simplest, 2+ Prayer Cards encourage students (generally Christians who need to grow in prayer and mission) to identify and commit to praying for two not-yet-Christian friends.

Cards can be handed out in any kind of setting: large group, small groups, and one-on-one discipleship.

2+ Prayer Cards are intentionally the size of a credit card so students can put the 2+ Prayer Card inside their wallets alongside (not behind) their credit, debit, and ID cards.

The cards are also a modern-day parable that trains students to see prayer as necessary and normal.

After your students have written down the names of two friends on their cards and put the cards in their wallets, teach them the symbolism of 2+ Prayer Cards:

Every time you make a financial transaction, consider making a more important ‘spiritual transaction’ by praying for the two friends you wrote on your card.

“While you might be thinking about the balance in your checking account or getting your purchase home from the store, can you guess what God is far more concerned about? That your two friends would discover the source of true life (God) and allow Jesus to help them live as God intended!

“Each time you open your wallet to pay for lunch, a tank of gas, or a movie ticket, look at the 2+ Prayer Card and remember how Jesus paid the highest cost—his life—so that your friends could have the most life-giving relationship with God they could ever hope for.”

But Wait, There’s More…

The cards also provide practical steps for students to take in witnessing to their friends, such as:

  • Choosing a prayer partner and praying together for friends (Try this as a small group!)
  • Intentionally spending time with the two friends every week
  • Serving them in different ways
  • Inviting them to a GIG, church service, InterVarsity weekly meetings, etc.

The last section of the 2+ Prayer Card is for students to tear off and give to their InterVarsity staff worker for accountability. It states their commitment to pray for their friends and invite them to learn more about Jesus.

Imagine the Possibilities

Can you imagine what would happen if students in your chapter prayed as often as they opened their wallets?

Not only would they be praying more often, they would see and be encouraged by God responding to their prayers.

Not only can they become more adept at prayer, they can grow stronger in other relational evangelism strategies as well.

If you'd like to see your chapter grow in evangelistic prayer, you can order 2+ Prayer Cards from the InterVarsity Store.

If you've used 2+ Prayer Cards with students on your campus, how have you seen students stretched and God respond? Do you prefer the paper cards or would you use a 2+ Prayer App on a smartphone? Leave your comments below.