The Awesome Campaign

Everyone wants an awesome life—a life that matters. But a truly awesome and fulfilling life only comes from knowing God. Jesus wants us to have an AWESOME life, where a relationship with him is at the center.

InterVarsity's "Awesome" is a provocative interactive display to use on campus. The Proxe Station leads students through four panels, each one asking them to explore what makes life awesome: the epic lives of superheroes, parts of their own lives, and how Jesus gives life to the fullest. It ultimately leads into a gospel presentation.  

The Awesome Campaign Intro

To get all the resources needed to host the Awesome Campaign on your campus, please visit the 2100 Website.

Not looking to do a full-out campaign? We also have the Awesome Pocket Proxe (5x7 card) that you can do anytime and anywhere.

If you choose to do the Awesome Campaign on your campus, we would love for you to share photos of it in action on campus. Please send them to evangelism at intervarsity dot org or share them on the InterVarsity Evangelism Facebook page.