Exposing Myths about Christianity [Book Recommendation]

Historian Jeffrey Burton Russell, famous for his studies of medieval history, dares to ask 145 of the more serious questions in our culture. Many of these questions are left unasked by Christians, and unexplored by unbelievers. Misconceptions like, “Christianity is a crutch,” and “Christianity is unscientific” are explored in a concise and engaging way.

Russell sets the record straight against the New Atheists and other cultural critics who charge Christianity with being outdated, destructive, superstitious, unenlightened, racist, colonialist, based on fabrication, and other significant false accusations.

Dr. Ian Markham, president of Virginia Theological Seminary, promotes this book for people at all stages in their faith: “For those seeking and for those who doubt, this is a must-read book." 

One InterVarsity staff member recommends Exposing Myths about Christianity because it not only clarifies the problem, but also offers solutions: “It is an intelligent and thoughtful exploration of common apologetic barriers in spiritual conversations and how to engage with them.”

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