Genesis Study

by Philip E. Friesen

This study on Genesis is a 25-part study and can be done in its entirety or leaders can pick which parts they want to go through. Doing this over an entire semester would be helpful because of its length.

1. The Broken Image (Genesis 1:1-2:4)

What does the story of creation mean for the world and humans?

2. One God and One Humanity (Genesis 2:4-25)

A deeper look at what being human means for us.

3. Can God be Tested? (Genesis 3)

Evil and disobedience cause broken relationships.

4. A Covering for Shame (Genesis 4-5)

Shame leads to competition, jealousy, and violence, as seen in the story of Cain and Abel.

5. God's Response to Human Violence (Genesis 6-9)

God brings the flood to earth.

6. The Beginning of Language and Race (Genesis 10-11)

The story of the tower of Babel.

7. Healing the Family: Introduction to Section (Genesis 12-24)

An introduction to the second section of the Genesis study.

8. Abraham, God's Friend (Genesis 12)

Abram and Sarai go to Egypt and face some misfortune.

9. Will God Keep His Promise? (Genesis 15)

God forms a covenant with Abram.

10. Two Wives are Better than One? (Genesis 16-17)

Abram seeks to fulfil God's promise through Hagar and Ishmael.

11. Laughter (Genesis 18:1-15)

Sarah is incredulous towards God's promise.

12. Only One Woman in the House (Genesis 21:8-21)

Sarah and Hagar run into problems.

13. God Will Provide (Genesis 22)

God tests Abraham's faith.

14. God Always Provides (Genesis 24)

Abraham sends Isaac to get a wife.

15. The Power to Forgive (Genesis 25:19-24, 26:34-28:4)

The story of Isaac's sons, Jacob and Esau.

16. Justice and Mercy? (Genesis 28:10-29:28)

Jacob leaves home and gets married.

17. Jealous Competition (Genesis 29:31-30:24)

Jacob's family grows!

18. The Blessing Reaffirmed (Genesis 32-33)

Jacob gets a new name after an interesting dream.

19. The Family Honor (Genesis 34)

Townspeople cause problems for Jacob's daughter.

20. Home at Last! (Genesis 35)

Jacob returns to Bethel.

21. A Rival for Leadership (Genesis 37-38)

Jacob's sons are jealous of Joseph and take drastic measures.

22. Life is Not Fair (Genesis 39)

Joseph lives in Potiphar's house.

23. The Last Will be First (Genesis 40-41)

Joseph is in jail, but God is there too.

24. Rebuilding Trust within a Family (Genesis 42:1-46:6)

Joseph sees his family again.

25. Forgiveness for the Family (Genesis 49:33-50:9, 50:14-26)

Joseph forgives his brothers and they all move to Egypt.

These Bible studies and more can be found on the International Student Ministry website.