Jesus with Dirty Feet [Book Recommendation]

If you know someone who's never looked closely at the Christian faith or who has dismissed it as irrelevant, Jesus with Dirty Feet will give them a glance at a Jesus unencumbered by stereotypes.

Written with the flow of a long poem, the book covers:

  1. Christianity: Most folks think Christianity is an outdated religion. But it turns out it is neither outdated nor a religion.
  2. Jesus: Most folks think of Jesus as the man who started that Christianity religion. But it turns out he wasn't just a man, and he wasn't interested in a religion.
  3. Christians: Most folks think Christians are harmless enough, though a bit more boring than most. But it turns out Jesus Followers are by definition neither harmless nor boring.
  4. Repentance: Most folks think repentance is about sitting remorsefully in the corner. But it turns out it's impossible to repent while sitting down.
  5. Church: Most folks think church is an old building with plenty of stained glass and straight wooden pews. But it turns out calling a church a building is like calling a Jesus Follower a two-by-four.
  6. Prayer: Most folks think prayer is the quiet work of barefoot monks with brown hoods in some faraway land. But it turns out prayer has more to do with your own bedroom than with some distant monastery.
  7. The Bible: Most folks insist that the Bible is an outdated old book. But it turns out that usually they've never actually read the thing.
  8. Salvation: Most folks think of salvation as some sort of heavenly retirement package or comprehensive hell-avoidance insurance policy. But it turns out salvation is more like an extravagant banquet that's being served right now.

Consider reading this book alongside someone who is curious or skeptical about Christianity, and open the door to unexpected answers to their tough questions.

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