The Money Campaign

The Money Campaign is intended to be a combination of a Proxe Station, a small-group series, and a large-group training. (Please see "Money Campaign Leaders Notes" for a full description of each part of the Campaign.) The goal of the Money Campaign is to deepen your core students in financial discipleship, to engage the campus in a practical message of gospel transformation, and to bless others with caregiver kits via World Vision.

Money Intro


To get all the resources needed to host the Money Campaign on your campus, please visit the 2100 Website.

Not looking to do a full-out campaign? We also have a Money Pocket Proxe (5x7 card) that you can do anytime and anywhere.

If you choose to do the Money Campaign on your campus, we would love for you to share photos of it in action on campus. Please send them to evangelism at intervarsity dot org or share them on the InterVarsity Evangelism Facebook page.