Pray Missionally in Community

Missional prayer is an important communal practice that helps you engage in evangelism.

Try using 2+ Prayer Cards and this five-minute exercise with your group of prayer partners:

1 Minute: Remind

You can give a longer explanation the first time your group digs into 2+ Prayer, but each week after, give them a short recap of what 2+ Prayer is, how you are trying to live this out together, and that you—as a group—are committed to it this semester or year.

2 Minutes: Share Stories

Tell stories of what God has been doing in the lives of your 2+ Prayer friends since the last time your group met.

As you lead the exercise, expect that you will see God at work transforming your group as he enlarges your hearts for himself, his people, and for his mission to your campus. You will see God answer prayer, sometimes quietly, sometimes spectacularly. And you will see God work on your campus as he chooses to change lives in response to your group praying together.

However, if you experience more than one week where the above question is met with total silence, you should address it. Two non-threatening ways to start that discussion might be:

"Well, you guys, it seems that as a group we have not had much to share concerning our friends' spiritual journeys the past two weeks.  Let's talk about why that might be."

2 Minutes: Pray

While you can certainly spend more than two minutes praying for your 2+ Prayer friends together, start small. Sometimes have the group break into pairs or threes.

This short prayer time should consist of two elements:

  1. Prayer for God (a) to draw your friends to himself, (b) that he would create spiritual interest in them and curiosity about Jesus, and (c) make them open to hear the gospel.

  2. Pray for yourselves that you would live lives of integrity. Pray that God would make you bold in starting spiritual conversations and give you courage to share the difference Christ is making in your lives.

If you'd like to see your community grow in evangelistic prayer, you can order 2+ Prayer Cards from the InterVarsity Store.