What's It Like to Use a Pocket Proxe for the First Time?

With a short training beforehand, Campus Staff Member Steve Lambert had the opportunity to try out a Pocket Proxe on the University of Wisconsin - Madison campus. Watch the short video and then check out the list of ways Steve found the Pocket Proxe helpful.

As Steve learned during his encounter, Pocket Proxes are designed to help you do the following: 

  • Start engaging spiritual conversations with students and others walking around campus. 
  • Build trust throughout the discussion. The Pocket Proxe's accompanying script equips you with relevant questions to ask, and you're encouraged to share your own answers to sincerely build a rapport with the person with whom you're talking.
  • Smoothly transition the conversation to a gospel presentation. Steve was blessed to share the gospel message with Stacy after building trust with her. Each Pocket Proxe uses dialogue that naturally segues into the gospel in the context of that Proxe's theme, and they often do so by incorporating a popular gospel outline.

If you've tried Pocket Proxes for contact evangelism before, share a brief story about your first time using a Pocket Proxe. How did the Pocket Proxe affect your ability to start that spiritual conversation, continue the discussion, or transition to a gospel presentation? Leave your comment below.