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The 5 Thresholds Training Toolkit will help your small group grow in love for their non-Christian friends and in awareness of practical ways to help them grow toward Jesus. (Resources are only accessible to InterVarsity staff.)
Find sample prayers to help you pray for friends as they enter the different stages of their journey to Christ.
Ideas for framing each of your chapter's events around appealing to and serving people at one of the five thresholds: trusting a Christian, becoming curious, opening to change, seeking after God, and entering the Kingdom.
For a twist on the Five Thresholds, try aligning it with network mapping. You'll start to see each person in your life as part of something wonderful God is doing. Sample network map available as PDF download for group use.
Learn how to recognize the characteristics of the five thresholds a postmodern skeptic passes through on their journey toward Christ, and how to encourage them along the way.
Five Thresholds Trust Curiosity Change Seeking Follower
Postmodern evangelism is a mysterious and organic process, but it does still go through discernible phases. Learn about the five thresholds of evangelism and how to use them to evaluate and reach people where they are.
I Once Was Lost
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