Hosting good conversations makes our friends feel safe and willing to trust us when we share about our spiritual lives. By praying for our friends and communities, we invite God to prepare these conversations ahead of us getting there. We can start spiritual conversations by sharing our stories of how Jesus met us, while asking and listening to our friend’s stories of spiritual discovery. We can also prepare for difficult questions our friends might ask us, in order to answer them kindly and honestly.

Additional Start Spiritual Conversations Resources

Tessa came to college and joined an InterVarsity group that challenged her to pray for non-Christian friends. She had never done that before - but the 2+ prayer card made it easy to begin.

Over the year, she received other training and tools that helped her have spiritual conversations regularly - leading her to experience the joy of seeing her friends enter the kingdom.

There’s a generation of Tessa’s waiting to be equipped and empowered to share the gospel with their friends. Read more of Tessa’s Story and use the tools she received.