Evangelism for a New Generation

Evangelism is communicating the good news of Jesus Christ. Through Jesus' life, death, and resurrection, God offers the forgiveness of sins, the gift of new life, and begins the healing of the world.

In recent years, InterVarsity has seen over 4,000 students per year choose to follow Jesus. Learn the stories and adopt the tools of relevant, student-led evangelism that is thriving in universities across the country.

Tessa came to college and joined an InterVarsity group that challenged her to pray for non-Christian friends. She had never done that before - but the 2+ prayer card made it easy to begin.

Over the year, she received other training and tools that helped her have spiritual conversations regularly - leading her to experience the joy of seeing her friends enter the kingdom.

There’s a generation of Tessa’s waiting to be equipped and empowered to share the gospel with their friends. Read more of Tessa’s Story and use the tools she received.

The five thresholds of postmodern conversion are the five distinct stages adults go through in a journey of spiritual disinterest to one of considering Jesus.  It’s one of the best, well-tested tools InterVarsity has to offer in evangelism and is used throughout seminaries and churches across the country.

Understanding this process will help you learn how to encourage your friends along their journeys. Learning the characteristics of each threshold help us recognize, celebrate, and move our friends forward in their spiritual journeys.

The Big Story is a gospel-presentation tool designed to lead others to make a decision for Jesus Christ and join his mission to heal the world. 

Proxe stations help us engage curious friends on the quad by hosting relevant and personal conversations about important topics.