Campus Resources

Campus Resources

These best practices will help you show Jesus’ love to your campus.

Proxe Stations



A proxe is an interactive visual display that helps us start spiritual conversations with friends and strangers on campus.


This art display outreach (proxe) features a Native-influenced gospel allegory which engages both Christians and non-Christians with the brokenness of our world and Creator's restorative beauty. Students have been stunned to see Creator Sets Free (Jesus), who meets them in life's deserts and offers to transform all things.

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Invitations to Faith



Inviting people to follow Jesus is one of the most fruitful ways to see conversions, lives transformed, and Holy Spirit movements. New faith is contagious, and can catalyze other conversions.

Invitation to Faith in Small Groups Guide

Use this two page guide to help your group respond to an invitation of faith. Having a worksheet allows skeptics and seekers to understand clearly what it means to follow, Jesus without creating undue pressure.

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Why Invite to Faith?

The goal is to be doers of the word, not just hearers. We are creating a “culture of response.” It can feel awkward the first time you invite others to respond to God’s word. We suggest two weeks in a row, to help you get comfortable with inviting others to respond.

New Believers Becoming Courageous Witness



The testimony of a new believer is one of the best ways to awaken faith on campus. With some mentoring, you can help new believers tell their story to their non-Christian friends and, God-willing, see a ripple effect of conversions.

New Believer Mentoring Guide

Coach every new believer in your chapter to share their story of faith with their friends.


More Evangelism Resources



Find all our ministry resources in the InterVarsity library

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Resources for Churches


Four weeks to equip your students as courageous witnesses in Evangelism. This resource is for youth pastors and youth students to grow their witness!

Tools for the Journey