Threshold 3: Openness

Threshold 3, where people go from being closed to open to change, is the most misunderstood and mysterious of the thresholds. Your friend’s questions move from curious, often intellectual or academic, to the personal realm, and they start to examine their life. Our friends desperately need someone who is willing to offer them the truth - in love - to encourage them to be open to change.


In John 5:1-15, Jesus invites a sick man to change by asking a him an obvious question - "do you want to get better?"


OUR FRIENDS do not see a need to make a change in their own lives yet.

  • "Questioning your own worldview and contemplating the Christian perspective for yourself is revolutionary. It can mean coming to terms with deep seated dissatisfactions and unanswered questions and disappointments." (I Once Was Lost p. 70). 

OUR ROLE is to challenge our friends to grow in areas of personal struggle by asking them to invite God to make that change (via prayer!). 

  • Pray with your friend to invite God into the parts of their lives they want to see change happen.


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