Doug Schaupp

Doug is the National Director of Evangelism for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.  He became a follower of Jesus at Occidental College at the end of his freshman year in 1986.  A group of InterVarsity students made a safe place for one crazy freshman to explore Jesus- and he's forever grateful for them.  After graduating, he worked at UCLA for 10 years, learned how to contextualize the Gospel, tried a million crazy things and most of them failed.  Since then, he's served as the Los Angeles Divisional Director and as the Regional Director for Southern California.

He is passionate about the alignment of the Gospel and racial reconciliation.  He and his wife have served in both Korean-American, and African-American church contexts. He is a co-author of Being White, I Once Was Lost, and Breaking the Huddle.  Breaking the Huddle is Outreach Magazine's "outreach resource of the year" (2018).  He is a father of three, and has coached all of their soccer teams.  Doug's personal goal is to play ultimate-frisbee 3 times a week.

Twitter: @DougSchaupp