Conversation Stoppers Series

What is a Conversation Stopper?

Conversation Stoppers are those common accusations, declarations, rhetorical questions, or sincere questions about various aspects of Christianity that can trip up or completely tongue tie the Christian, hence they "stop" the conversation.

The Conversation Stoppers Series will enable you to respond to several common objections to the Christian faith. Each Conversation Stopper explains the typical assumptions behind the objection/question, provides key talking points to continue the conversation, and lists additional resources about the topic.

Current Conversation Stoppers

Here are the Conversation Stoppers that are currently up on our site:

Upcoming Conversation Stoppers

Below are Conversations Stoppers that have been written, but not yet edited and published. Thanks for your patience!

  • Science and evolution have disproved the Bible.
  • A good and loving God wouldn't allow suffering and evil.
  • Why would God let me suffer if he had the power to prevent it?
  • My family member has cancer and God doesn't seem to care.
  • Science and God are incompatible.
  • If God really cares, why do I hurt?

There are certainly more Conversation Stoppers to cover. What's not on either of the lists above that you'd like to see covered? Leave your response in a comment below.